Daoism: An Introduction (Introductions to Religion) by Ronnie L. Littlejohn PDF

By Ronnie L. Littlejohn

the way in which that may be instructed isn't the everlasting approach; the identify that may be named isn't the everlasting Name.' So starts off the 1st verse of the mysterious Dao De Jing, origin textual content of the traditional chinese language faith of Daoism. usually attributed to semi-mythical sage Laozi, the origins of this enigmatic record - which most likely got here into being within the 3rd century BCE - are literally unknown. however the tenets of Daoism laid down within the Dao De Jing, and in later texts just like the Yi Jing (or 'Book of Changes'), proceed to exert massive fascination, rather within the West, the place lately they've been popularised via writers similar to the novelist Ursula okay LeGuin. during this clean and fascinating advent to Daoism, Ronnie L Littlejohn discusses the vital elements of a convention which may occasionally appear as elusive because the slippery concept of ‘Dao’ itself. the writer indicates that primary to Daoism is the thought of ‘Wu-wei’, or non-action: a paradoxical suggestion emphasising alignment of the self with the concord of the universe, a universe in continuous flux and alter. This flux is expressed by way of the recognized image of Dao, the ‘taiji’ representing yin and yang ceaselessly correlating within the kind of a harmonious circle. Exploring the nice subtleties of this historic faith, Littlejohn lines its improvement and encounters with Buddhism; its expression in paintings and literature; its struggle for survival through the Cultural Revolution; and its manifestations in modern day China and beyond.

'A marvellously distinct and hugely readable historical past of Daoist faith and tradition. The booklet additionally offers a wealth of data on how Daoism has formed chinese language philosophy, politics and paintings through the centuries. A must-read for someone who wishes a fuller appreciation of chinese language background, and hugely instructed for introductory periods on chinese language religions.' - James Miller, affiliate Professor of chinese language Religions, Queen's collage, Ontario, Canada

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